20 Years of A Musical Journey
It seems like yesterday when I was introduced to the spotlight. Got in so young not knowing what it would be like and had no expectations what so ever. I stepped up to learn, grow and discover my true love for Music and Dance. Now, after 20 years, I look back and relive my journey so far and enjoy every single memory and feel like this is just the beginning.
From the time when I first held the mic in ‘Padutha Teeyaga’ in 1996, to until recently the excitement never ceased. I have been blessed to be able to do what I love most and enjoy every moment while creating it.
Being acknowledged as the first ever and only IndiPop sensation from the Telugu states is an inexplicable pride. Moreover, to introduce myself to singing in more than 10 languages is learning and a grand experience too. Among these experiences, my 12 albums, 17 musical videos, 100 plus playbacks, and 200 plus concerts across 8 countries take the trophy home, because they gave me the best memories for a lifetime.
This July 22nd, the celebration of my Music and Dance journey is to thank all of you who supported me to become the person I am today. Because the journey from an era of the cassette to CD to pen drives to digital where over millions of copies sold & more than 100 million digital views were registered has been the most heart warming journey.
This evening is specially to thank all of you for all the love you showered and making all of this possible. This is my Tribute to the Art. Also, to unveil the interesting and responsible new journey that lies ahead of me.

Let’s together celebrate this amazing journey on 22nd at 7pm, JRC Convention, Hyderabad.


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