The case of 9months child who got raped and assaulted

The above little 9 months old baby who got allegedly raped by a 25 year old guy named praveen, in warangal (hanamkonda) ,Telanagana.After the MLA vinay bhaskar and HOME MINISTER of Telangana reacted on the act ,gave suggestions to file all law suits against culprit and showing no mercy. The LAWYERS of warangal district court took decision that no one from the district will defend who raped and murdered the little one.

Credits :@warangal_adda

There’s been huge amount of rallys and darnas going around that the accused praveen should be hanged to death in no time (immediately ) ,this ruthless act has stunned the nation and every common man protests that the victims who has accused should not be kept in a prison and feed them instead take serious actions against themshould be taken. There are still around 1,50,000 unsolved cases and PM MODI government should come up with a good law suite against the people who are abusing,teasing, raping the child, girl, women, giving the full time life imprisonment and if the crime is cruel they shall be executed

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