Golusu Kattu Gosalu by Jayamma Panchayathi strikes hearts.

With her film ‘Jayamma Panchayathi,’ top anchor Suma is making her comeback. The film, directed by Vijay Kumar Kalivarapu, is set for a May 6, 2022 release. The film’s makers are advertising it in an innovative way, and today they released the song Golusu Kattu Gosalu from the film. The song went viral, touching everyone’s hearts.

Chaitanya Prasad wrote the words for the poignant song, which was performed by MM Keeravaani and Charu Hariharan. The music by Keeravani is soulful and connects chords with listeners. Anush Kumar is the cinematographer for the film Vennela Creations, which is produced by Balaga Prakash.

With major stars heavily promoting the film, anticipation for its release is growing. Suma is portraying a powerful woman in the village who looks after her husband and helps the villagers with their difficulties.

The song can be found here.

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