How would somebody feel when they return to India from the USA?

Definitely, it is a mixture of feelings for an NRI after returning back to India for good. Earlier the person who was habitual to situations and circumstances of his own country feels unfitting and uncomfortable to the many of the things.

  1. Crowd: Unquestionably, India has a massive population of 1.35+ Billion and multiplying. If an NRI visit for a short trip or short term or long term, it takes little time to tune it to his/her own crowd. He/she would be happier than being in the US once they see their family, relatives, and introduce their children to each of them. Also, it is fun to see their kids mingling with everyone. But, when they start going to the local markets, vegetable shops, parks and everywhere they began to feel the suffocation and can’t gather the courage to take the public transit with their kids as most of them are not air-conditioned.
  2. Pollution: Population and Pollution are correlative, and they are growing hand-in-hand. Even the schemes like Swatch-Bharat is not that effective in cleaning India and can not be blamed here. India has decently connected with public transport compared to the USA, but still, there are so many motorcycles, cars and own private vehicles. This also causes noise pollution besides air pollution. In the USA, nobody honks their vehicle unless other driving makes a mistake on the road. Drivers in India honk unnecessarily. Does honking clears the traffic?? One should think of it.
    Most of the grounds are covered with grass everywhere in the US and to cut the tree in your lawn, and you should’ve permission from the city office. Fines will be imposed on the landlords, who don’t landscape the grass in their area.
  3. Civic Sense: Cutting the public queues, not turning off the faucets in public restrooms (most of the public toilets don’t have the active water faucets to wash hands). It is shameful to claim, not being on time is called as IST. In India, we do not see people do not apologize for being late, and most of the politicians are late to their meetings is very routine. And, same Indians are obsessed with Muhurtha and stuff. Pedestrians walk across the street no matter what the signal is, riders of motorcycles are free to ride in the direction of the roads, to smoke, spitting, peeing, littering in the public places.
  4. Education: Education of children costs arm and leg to the parents in India, but it is free in the US. In the US, school education is free, and students are teacher closely monitors every student and sends a report to their parents frequently. Education is equally balanced with the extra-curricular activities, and kids get little fun time to enjoy the school. Kids in India are good at math but not in the case for the kids in the US. But Indian parents give special attention and send them to additional private classes for math and science. After all, we are all Indians, shameful to the parents if our kids are bad at Math. That special attention given by Indian parents to the little champs mastering them win in contests like a Spelling bee.
    Ok, Let’s begin the good things.
  5. Food: Second thing missed by an Indian is food after the family when he/she visits abroad. No matter if you are vegetarian, eggetarian,non-vegetarian there are so many food options and food outlets once you step out of the house. There are delectable Indian dishes that bring out the best of the taste and health benefits of aromatic spices. The world cannot believe if we say 40% of Indians are vegetarians. Every state has its own recipes, custom foods, and feels the unity in the diversity in the diet also. Good to see there so many food delivery apps in India. US food giants like Mc Donalds, KFC, and many are adopting the Indian recipes to survive in India market.
  6. Family: It’s prevalent youth living with their parents in India. Not in the same case in the US. Even if we are living away from the parents for our career growth, frequent festivals, functions and many national holidays make us visit of parents and relatives.

    Finally, India is my country…. No matter what, we love India and we are happy to live in India.

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