IIT Student Commits Suicide.

A student named Mark Andrew Charles(20) from IIT Hyderabad was found hanging himself to the ceiling fan of his hostel room by his fellow students.

Per Sridhar Reddy, DSP of Sangareddy had gone to the room and locked himself around 11 PM on Monday. As Mark wasn’t shown up for a long time, his co-students shattered the doors of the room and shocked when they saw he found dead.

According to the reports, Mark was in IIT to pursue his Master’s degree in designing. He was in the final year of the college and about to give his final presentation to achieve his degree. It was stated on the suicide note of his diary, he may not get good grades, and there is no bright future for failures. Police believed the reason behind Mark’s suicide is because of his poor performance in academics. Also, he thanked a few of his friends and expressed his regret to the parents. Mark hailed from the Varanasi, UP.

A case has been registered, and police are still deeply investigation the other causes of his suicide.

This is the second case this year. This year in January, M. Anirudh, a 3rd-year student in Aerospace and Engineering was committed suicide.

Why Are Students committing suicide?
Every student feels stressed at one time or another, especially while they give their exams. But, Indian parents and our education system cultivates peer pressure and the competitive environment more than necessary. A student who doesn’t secure good grades and who doesn’t get into the best colleges are labeling as dumb and failures.
Colleges who overly publicize their ranks, placements as their achievements worries the parents about the kids future and make them believe those colleges are the only way for the bright future. Paying heavy fees for their kids’ education and if they haven’t get into their parent’s expectations, it slowly put the students into the depressions and will be anxious about their exams. These days an attitude was building among the students and they are not able to take the failures and giving up on their dreams or lives too.
Last month, when Board of Intermediate put the wrong entry of the student intermediate marks around 25 students committed suicide.
Parents and students should realize Engineering or doctor areas are not only career choices existed. Colleges like IIT and AIIMS have only limited seats with caste-based reservation arithmetics and not everyone couldn’t get into those prestigious universities.
Society should also think, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is a Harvard dropout, billionaires like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Zack Ma have no proper college degrees. We are living in their vision they were thinking in the past. Google CEO Sundar Pichai is an IIT graduate, but how many IIT graduates achieved the same level of success. Satya Nadella, who was failed to get into IIT became a CEO of Microsoft. Success has no parameters, it gets built on constant failures. The perspective of success varies from person to person and field to field.

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