The album ‘Adab Punjabi’ by legendary Punjabi singer Babbu Maan is currently rising as the #1 album on iTunes India!

Babbu Maan, the famous iconic Punjabi singer, has mesmerized his fans once again with his album ‘Adab Punjabi,’ which is currently trending at the top of iTunes India. Babbu Maan’s songs have left famous vocalists like Adele and others in the dust. It’s a wonderful feeling for Indian music, and it makes us Indians proud and appreciative.

While the album is the most popular, his other songs such as Pyaas, Ohi Chaan Ohi Rataan, Mera Gham, Tu Meri Miss India, Hashar, IK C Pagal, and Talaash are also popular.

Babbu Maan is the most popular in India, as well as Australia, Canada, Malta, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Portugal, and the United Arab Emirates. He’s currently trending at #2 in Oman, #3 in Italy, #4 in the UK, #7 in Ireland, Malaysia, and Sweden, #15 in Austria, #31 in Spain, #67 in the US, #70 in France, and #83 in Germany! The charts demonstrate how much Punjabis all over the world adore Babbu Maan.

Babbu Maan’s songs include Mitran Di Chatri, Mitran Nu Shounk Hathiyaran Da, Saun Di Jhadi, Pagal Shayar, and many others. He has published a new song named Bhari Mehfil on the Meri Tunes YouTube channel. He is constantly attempting to provide his listeners with the best of Punjabi music and to make them fall in love with it.

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