The Bombay High Court has urged the makers of “Jersey” to acknowledge writer Rajneesh Jaiswal.

Jersey, starring Shahid Kapoor and Mrunal Thakur, has hit roadblocks ahead of its release, first with its release date and now with the film’s writing credits. According to reports, a writer named Rajneesh Jaiswal has filed a complaint with the Bombay high court, claiming that he registered the film’s script in 2007 and that the film is a replica of his storyline.
Meanwhile, the producers allege that a Telugu film with the same plot (also titled Jersey) was released in 2019, which the writer is not claiming as his own, and that ‘Jersey’ is simply a remake of the Telugu film.

According to a news portal, the Bombay High Court panel of Justices KR Shriram and NR Borkar has directed the makers of “Jersey” to check whether they can give credit to writer Rajneesh Jaiswal. According to the report, a single bench of the Bombay High Court declined to allow Jaiswal any relief, prompting him to approach the high court’s division bench. The bar initially noted that a Telugu film had already been created and that Jaiswal was seeking relief from the Hindi film, which was slated to be released this month, rather than the Telugu film.
“How do you come here with a case that he has infringed?” the bench asked Jaiswal’s lawyer, Vishal Kanade. “It is my contention that I am not a native Telugu speaker and that I was uninformed of the Telugu film, and I am not suggesting that I have given up my claim against the Telugu film,” Kanade responded. The bench directed Kanade to take instructions on what Jaiswal desired, which went outside the realm of the legal wranglings. “My orders are that if the opposing party gives credit, then this litigation can be settled,” Kanade replied.
The judge then told the ‘Jersey’ makers’ lawyer to ‘Just consider it’ and ‘Think about it,’ adding that every time a film has been hauled to court, it has tanked at the box office.

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