The stalwart actress passed away ” vijaya nirmala” garu

Jeevitha Rajasekhar has said that the Telugu film industry has suffered an irreparable loss with the passing away of Vijaya Nirmala garu, an actor, director and a producer who left an indelible mark and found a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.  
“Vijaya Nirmala garu was the epitome of a human with a heart of gold.  She helped an innumerable number of people.  She was a legend.  She was a talent who had all the qualifications to be called a legend.  She will always be a great inspiration to women.  Her achievements as an actor, director and producer were extraordinary.  She was and is a non-pareil.  Among the films she directed, ‘Meena’ is my most favourite.  She made a horror film titled ‘Devude Gelichadu’ and when I watched it as a child, it was an unforgettable experience.  Among the films she acted in, I love ‘Alluri Seetharama Raju’ a lot.  I happened to interact with Vijaya Nirmala garu recently when I went to her residence on the occasion of Krishna garu’s birthday.  By then, she had been under treatment because of some health issue.  Despite that, she took time to be with us.  I have always seen her as a tigress!  So, I was pained to see her walk with difficulty.  I never imagined that she would leave us all so soon.  I am pained to think about Krishna garu.  He will be the person who will miss her the most.  The couple were always ideal husband and wife.  They will always be an inspiration.”  
Jeevitha added, “I pray that God gives Krishna garu immense strength.  I pray that her family members will have the strength to overcome the grief.”

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