Upasana, you’ve done a Magnificent Thing.

Ram Charan’s better half, Upasana, is much more than that. Besides being the CEO of Apollo Foundation, a non-profit that provides aid to the poor, she is also an entrepreneur.

However, few people are aware of Upasana’s virtuous deeds as an individual. Another nonprofit she runs, Billion Hearts Beating (BHB), helps 150 old age homes in India.

An incredible amount of work must be assigned to elderly individuals who are often neglected by those closest to them. BHB’s primary goal is to build a healthier India over the long run.

Monthly medications, reusable face masks, gloves, and sanitizer were provided to old-age and children’s homes across Delhi/NCR, Bangalore, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana states by BHB during the pandemic. The distribution drive helped 4500 older people and 1900 youngsters, and the endeavor continues despite difficult times.

There is no doubt Upasana has a golden heart, but it is one that is ‘Billion’ times more generous.

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