What’s happening in the 4th week of BIGG BOSS 5 House Telugu?

Bigg Boss… Bigg Boss… Bigg Boss…
if you poke every telugite across the globe, everybody buzzing about the Bigg Boss Program. Sarayu, Uma Devi, and Lahari Shari were eliminated from the show in the first three weeks based on viewers polls, respectively.

The audience is eager to watch Monday night’s show (27th September 2021) to know who are in the elimination zone. Through insider’s, we gathered the list of elimination contestants. Eight out of sixteen contestants are in the nomination, which is half. The list follows Lobo, Priya, Ravi, Sunny, Siri Hanmanth, Anne Master, RJ Kajal and Natraj Master.

This week, Ravi and Priya, who were in the red zone in the previous week, are also in the elimination zone. Unfortunately, we pulled no correct information on the nomination process, but we learned about the war of words between the contestants during the nomination.

No doubt, there seems to be an entertaining Monday night in the Telugu Bigg Boss House. So we say Bigg Boss fans should stick to the TVs to support their favourite contestants.

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